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Sydney Blue Mountains(Private Tour)

Hightlights:Private group,tour guide

Scheduled Time

9:00AM - 19:00PM

Before the trip, our kindly tour guide will confirm the pickup address and time with you. And will be happy to give you a ride to your accommodation.

Total cost include:


Vehcile hiring / fuel, parking fee and toll / tour guide wage / complementary water  /  free baby seater


  8 seater van(capacity 1-7 pax)  $749AUD

12 seater bus(capacity 1-11pax) $799AUD

14 seater bus(capacity 1-13pax$849AUD


   9:00AM   Picking up at your accommendation

  10:30AM  Arrive Three Sisters and Echo Point lookout, and enjoy the natural beauty of Jamison Valley

Bushwalk Echo Point - Honey moon bridge】With company of tour guide, we can have an easy 20 mins return track which suitable for family with flat walk. You will get a pleasant experience of breathing fresh air and the beauty of the World heritage of Blue Mountains. 

  11:00AM Scenic World - Cable cart

Rail way】Experience the 60 degree steep ride down to the valley by rail cart, by passing the cliff tunnel you will soon reach the platform set in the platform. 

Walk way】There are different bush walk tracks you can choose depend on your time spent. The fast option is 10 mins walk from railway stop to cable station which suitable for family group with children. And you can see you historical site of coal mine and some bird fauna, likes lyre bird which is the symbol of national park of NSW. The most challenge track is 40 mins trail from there you can enjoy stunning iview of the Jamsion Valley.

Cable way】Seize of spot closed to the window from there to have sight of Katoomba fall, the second longest water fall in Blue Mountains.

Sky way】This route is crossing Jamsion valley and the hight light is that middle part of floor is made of tempered glass which enable you see the view of valley from a top angle.

  12:30PM Local restaurant for lunch

  14:00PM Experience the historical town Leura where you can do lots of things like photograph garden view of street and  shop the souvenir.

  15:00PM Back to Sydney 

【Other customised options】

  1. Featherdale Wildlife Park(entry fee excluded)

  2. Sydney Olympic Park and Bicentennial park

蓝山一日游|包车: Product



【National Park bush walk】

Enjoy dedicated 20 minutes return bush walk with our professional tour guide. The only spices of flora and fauna can only been seen here, like lyre bird, parrots, and eucalyptus etc. Many lookout spot enable you enjoy panoramic view of Jamsion valley and three sisters. After passing Honey moon gate, you can challenge yourself to a steep walk down to the three sisters. Trust me, it is worthy to climb down through the steep steps within 10 mins for the refresh air and Victory spot for photos.

【Scenic World】

      We recommend you enjoy a easy way by take cable cart for a deep experience in view of the oldest historical national park in Australia. 

  • 【Rail way】This track was used to transfer the miner to the work site. The steepest track in the world leads you to the deep of Jamsion Valley. You will be taken care in a safe way, and enjoy the excite moment at the same time.

  • 【Walk way】Many options are available, so you can choose to take 10 mins walk and experience fresh air and stunning sight, or enjoy 40 mins walk for deep experience.

  • 【Cable way】Back to the top of mountains, we can get a best angle of sight to Jamsion valley, Katoomba fall and Three sisters.

  • 【Sky way】This route is cross Jamsion vally that enable you see the view 270-meter deep valley from the glass floor.


    【Leura town】

​Each season give this town different styles. We like spring because the blooming followers bring gorgeous color here. And the main characters in autumn is red leaf that attract many people here. we can experience a slow living style from local people that they are not busy at work just save more time to enjoy life.

We recommend shopping some souvenirs or have a relax afternoon tea here.

Other options


Featherdale Wildlife Park - Thera are 280 spices of fauna and 2200 numbers in total. The most welcome animal is koala and kangaroo, as well as Tasmina devil. And you can get interact with some animal with friends behaviour and some spices like reptile only can be seen within a safe distance. 


Sydney Olympic Park - Sydney is 2000 Olympic game host, and we still can recall our memory to that moment from surround.

Bicentinnial Park - To celebrate Australia's Bicentenary in 1988, this park was created by local government. This place is include a wetland having many spices of bird and many facilities was built for people to relax.

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