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Haijie Travel brought the children a relaxed and faster trip, especially at the University of Sydney. The enthusiastic Director Tang told the children some notes about applying for universities in Australia, recalling his own study abroad experience in Australia, The students of these international classes have learned some lessons from future applications and the upcoming study abroad life. Our guide also took the children to some cultural and natural landscapes in downtown Sydney, such as the State Museum of Art and Watson Bay. Through the accompanying explanations, the children had a deep impression of Sydney. Some brothers said they wanted to be there too. I am studying in a university in Australia and I can travel at work like a tour guide. It feels great. He was able to influence the children with his passion for work and let them have a little idea about the future life.

-Thank you



We came to the Blue Ocean Road, along the Pacific Highway all the way to the south, stop-and-go, it was very easy. The tour guide Jane took great care of us. He was willing to park at every attraction we were interested in, and accompanied us to tour, and also took us to the local characteristic town. With her company, we experienced and understood the way of life of the locals. . Also recommended by her, I went to a local restaurant with a very cost-effective characteristic. Traveling is not only about taking pictures, but about seeing with eyes. And to eat, live, and travel, understand the local customs from different places and angles. This is the real way to travel.

​-Thank you for giving us an unforgettable travel experience

-Mr. Xue


We participated in the Blue Mountain Red Leaf Tour, and the tour guide Roy took us on a hike to the Forest Park. The lunch at noon is an Australian characteristic outdoor bbq barbecue. Under his arrangement, everyone prepares lunch by themselves. In a relaxed atmosphere, everyone helps each other, chats, and understands each other. Our group has grown from strangers to good friends.

This is a small group tour of a travel agency, giving everyone an unforgettable travel experience and a way to make friends.

We also went to Mount Tomah, Mount Wilson and other hard-to-reach places. The driver worked hard, and drove a long mountain road in order to let everyone see the most beautiful scenery of red leaves in the Blue Mountains. But the effort pays off. In the botanical garden in the Blue Mountains and the private garden Breehold Garden, we saw the unforgettable scenery of red leaves and took a lot of beautiful photos.

​-Like the tour guide Roy👍



Haijie Tourism organizes everyone to go hiking in the 8 Zihu Lake. During the relaxing and happy journey, everyone helps each other and laughs. From strangers to acquaintances, and finally to become friends.

​I hope that there will be more similar activities in the future, which can temporarily relax us from the heavy work and study, make new friends and pass on more happiness

-Thank you



After coming to Sydney to study for a year, I am about to return to China to start a new life, but before I left, I saw the beautiful scenery through travel and realized new partners. Immediately there was a deeper feeling of reluctance for this place, but after a year of meeting everyone, we met again through travel and reminisced about the happy time together.


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We participated in a self-driving group organized by a travel agency and drove from Sydney to Melbourne along Highway 1. We passed many characteristic towns along the road, such as Kiama Kai, Husskinson, Narooma, Eden, etc. We saw many beautiful scenery, saw many cute wild animals like kangaroos, koalas and seals, and learned about the local customs. Under the careful arrangement and care of the tour guide Roy, everyone has gone from getting to know and being with each other to becoming a happy big family. Let us think this is the real travel experience

-​Thank you very much

-Mr. Wang

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