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Sydney Blue Mountains Day Tour (Small Group)

Features : Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, professional guides, exquisite small groups of less than 13 people

Itinerary time


Before the start of the itinerary, our friendly tour guide will contact you in advance and pick you up at your hotel or homestay. After the trip, we will safely send you back to your hotel or homestay


Participation fee is $199 AUD/person (more than four people sign up to form a group)

The full cost includes:

Vehicle usage fee / fuel fee, parking fee and bridge fee involved in the itinerary / service driver and tour guide salary / unlimited mineral water / child seats can be provided free of charge


9:00AM Pick up and drop off at hotel/homestay by private car

10:30AM Arrive at the Three Sisters viewing platform, overlooking the Jamison Valley and Echo Point

[Forest Trekking Echo Point Echo Valley-Honey Moon Bridge] Take a relaxing and comfortable 20-minute hike accompanied by a guide, breathe fresh air and feel the original scenery of nature.

11:00AM Blue Mountain Scenic World-Cable Car

[Jungle Mine Cart] Feel the excitement of a 60-degree descent on the way, and cross the line of sky to Jimson Canyon

[Rain Forest Plank Road] Visit the old mine site and have a chance to see the mysterious lyrebird

[Cableway] Standing in the best position, you can see Katoomba Falls, the second largest waterfall in the Blue Mountains, and Elfin Rock

[High-altitude cable car] You can challenge your courage by standing on the glass floor in the middle of the cable car and looking down at the 270-meter-deep canyon.

12:30PM The tour guide recommends lunch at a local restaurant (or special barbecue lunch)

14:00 PM visit the exquisite town of Lula, where you will be overwhelmed by the variety of boutique shops.

15:00PM Leaving town and returning to Sydney city hotel/homestay

[Optional itinerary]

1. Featherdale Wildlife Park (Tickets are at your own expense)

2. Sydney Olympic Park Sydney Olympic Park venue area, and Bicentennial Park

【Featured Surprise】

If the number of people in the group reaches a certain number, we will randomly add Australian special BBQ lunch barbecue @Wentworth Lake Lakeside barbecue + fruit platter

蓝山一日游|包车: Product



[First experience of hiking in the national park]

Accompanied by a guide, take a 20-minute round-trip journey through the jungle. Let you experience the pristine nature of the Blue Mountain National Forest Park. Towering eucalyptus trees, a large number of living fossils-ferns, and occasionally we can see mysterious lyrebirds passing by us leisurely. After the Honeymoon Bridge, we can ascend one of the three sister peaks. The story of the local aboriginal tribes about the three sisters has always been circulated. In order to maintain their love, they would rather be turned into pinnacles by witchcraft and have stood here for thousands of years.

[Blue Mountain Scenic World Cable Car]

We recommend that you choose the cable car project of Blue Mountain Scenic World. By taking three special cable car lines, you can easily and deeply experience the original forest style of the Blue Mountain National Park.

  • [Jungle Mine Cart] originated in the early days of nearby coal miners, in order to earn extra money, using transport mine carts to transport tourists from the top of the mountain to the center of Jimson Canyon. Of course, the railcar we are currently riding on is safe, but it also allows us to experience an almost vertical, intense and exciting descent experience.

  • 【Bushwalking】Along the road, you will pass the mine site a hundred years ago and feel the hardship of conquering nature with simple tools in the early days of absenteeism. At the same time, I learned that Hyundai is determined to prohibit all man-made destruction in order to protect this world natural heritage-National Forest Park.

  • [Cableway] From the valley back to the top of the mountain, we can enjoy the best view of Jimson Canyon, Katoomba Waterfall, Three Sisters and Elphin Rock

  • [High-altitude cable car] Take this cable car to cross the Jimson Canyon, you can challenge your courage, standing in the middle of the glass floor overlooking the 270-meter-deep canyon



  • The guide recommends local specialty restaurants

  • ​Or we have prepared a BBQ lunch with Australian specialties for you, relax by the Wentworth Fall Lake, enjoy the food and the beautiful scenery

  • ​Small surprise: we will randomly prepare beautiful fruit plates

Other options


Feisedaier Safari (Featherdale Wildlife Park) is located on the way to downtown Sydney, the Blue Mountains, is to have the largest Australian native animal species in the wild private zoo. There are more than 280 species of more than 2,200 animals in the park of more than 28,000 square meters. Here, you can see Australia’s most popular and iconic native Australian wild animals, such as koalas and kangaroos, and more than 40 endangered and rare animals including Tasmanian devils. In this non-fenced zoo, you can interact with different species of kangaroos including white kangaroos and short-tailed dwarf kangaroos in Western Australia. There are also cute wombats, little penguins, echidnas, dingoes, 4.5-meter-long saltwater crocodiles and various birds.


The Sydney Olympic Stadium area is the venue for the 2000 Olympic Games. Here we can still feel the scene of the athletes fighting and competing, and their achievements will always be recorded on the honor pillar.

Bicentennial Park was built to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the city of Sydney. It is a bird wetland park where we can see all kinds of wild birds inhabiting here and feel the harmonious coexistence of nature and humans.

【Lula Town】

​This exquisite town has four distinct seasons. You can enjoy the flowers in spring or the maple in autumn. And a large number of boutiques can also make you linger. But we would still recommend that you, like a local, stop and go to a nearby cafe to order a cup of coffee, a dessert, feel the quiet away from the world, and find the quietness you are looking for in your heart.

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