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Sydney City Coast Line (Private tour)

Features : Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, professional guides, exclusive private chartered cars

Itinerary time


Before the start of the itinerary, our friendly tour guide will contact you in advance and pick you up at your hotel or homestay. After the trip, we will safely send you back to your hotel or homestay

The full cost includes:

Vehicle usage fee / fuel fee, parking fee and bridge fee involved in the itinerary / service driver and tour guide salary / unlimited mineral water / child seats can be provided free of charge


8-seater commercial vehicle (for 1 to 7 people)        $649 AUD

12-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-11 passengers) $699 AUD

14-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-13 passengers) $749 AUD


We will take you to visit Sydney's characteristic beaches, visit the local natural scenery, and leave unforgettable memories

[Rose Bay ]-Sydney's wealthy district, a place that represents a suitable leisure and living environment for locals.

​[Wah Sheng Bay] -We can stroll along the "Break Life" coastal trail to the southern corner of the sea estuary. On the left is the vast South Pacific, and on the other side is Huasheng Bay, a haven with calm waves and a beautiful environment.

[ Bondi Beach ]-Soft white sand, bright sunshine, blue water, this most famous beach attracts locals or people from all over the world to surf, relax, vacation, and exercise.

Seafood Market 】- Enjoy lunch here and taste fresh Australian seafood, which will make you feast for yourself.

[ Sydney Harbour Bridge ]-Drive through this century-old landmark project, across the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

[ Lunar Park ]-There are various recreational projects in the park, and you can stroll around the harbour outside the park and overlook the CBD in the city center.

[ Manly Beach ]-We can integrate into the leisure life of the locals, order a cup of coffee, or take a walk on the beach or in the park.

[Optional itinerary]

1. Sydney Taronga Zoo

Optional items: $47 AUD/adult | 27 AUD/child

2. Manly Express Ferry

Optional item: $9 AUD/adult | $5.5 AUD/child


Rose Bay

Here you can understand the real reason for this livable city. Many sailing boats, fishing boats and yachts dock in this bay, and the nearby park is full of green grass and old trees. Especially on weekends or holidays, many people enjoy the morning sun and fresh air while drinking coffee, chatting, or meeting to exercise together. Some fish on the shore of the pier, or participate in various marine sports, such as sailing and canoeing. From all aspects here, we can see how Australians love and enjoy life.


Washeng Bay

On the side is the magical craftsmanship of nature. Years of erosion by the Pacific Ocean and the erosion of the sea breeze have created the sandstone cliffs here, which appear to be stacked one after another, one after another. Strolling along the cliff-top path, leaning down, the turquoise water hits the nearby reefs, and looking forward from shallow to deep, people sigh the vastness of the sea. Continuing forward is the estuary. The previous boats in and out of Sydney were piloted by the nearby Macaulay Lighthouse. However, if it encounters severe weather such as heavy fog or storms, it will lose the channel and hit the rocks and cause a shipwreck accident. So here There is a memorial stone memorial to the life whose soul is broken here.

​But looking back, there is another scene. The prosperous metropolis and the dense and towering urban forests have witnessed the prosperity of Sydney for more than two hundred years. The boats shuttled in the beautiful Watson Bay and the shapes of the shore are different. A different villa, like a living oil painting, leaps before our eyes.

2015-09-12 144511.jpg

Bondi Beach

One of Sydney's most famous beaches is named after the local aboriginal language-the sound of waves hitting rocks. The sandy beach is in the shape of a half moon, and the seawater gradually changes from light green to dark blue in fine weather conditions. Whether locals or tourists are attracted from various places, you will always find and find your own entertainment and leisure here. Regardless of winter and summer, here you will always see surfing enthusiasts enjoy the excitement brought by the waves. You can also take off your shoes and step on the soft sand, or take a walk along the shore to watch graffiti works by local technicians. Or at a nearby coffee shop, enjoy the surrounding scenery while sipping coffee.

​The local government and associations also regularly organize various cultural, artistic, and sports activities. Of course, anyone can participate in them, such as kite festivals, marathons, music festivals, food festivals, weekend markets and so on.


Sydney Seafood Market

How can you not taste the famous local seafood when you come to Australia. The vast sea area and zero-pollution marine environment create the best food gifts for the locals by nature. Here you can eat the most high-quality and cheap seafood products, and there are practices suitable for all kinds of food, such as oysters, abalone, lobster, deep-sea crabs, sea urchins, sea fish...everything. Whether it's raw sashimi or a variety of cooked food processing methods, it is up to you to decide according to your preference.

ps to find the best dining location scenery, while enjoying the harbor scenery, while enjoying food, but be careful around stealing gulls Oh


Harbor Bridge

Driving on the Harbour Bridge, it feels like a dragon rising into the air, across the sea, across the harbour to the northern part of Sydney. Although it is built with steel bars and screws and rivets, its "big hanger" shape makes it dull and cute. As the business card and symbol of Sydney, it still shoulders its task well a hundred years later. As an important transportation link, hundreds of thousands of vehicles and hundreds of trains pass by this every day.


Lunar Park

Sydney Luna Park is located in the north of Sydney Harbour and built at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was opened in 1935. It is a collective childhood memory of Sydney people. It is the most popular amusement park in Sydney. Its classic slogan is "Just for entertainment ( Just For Fun)", the purpose is to let people of all ages enjoy excitement and entertainment. Sydney Luna Park has a magnificent view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the city skyline. It is a fun-filled amusement park.

The best time for Luna Park is from evening to sunset. Under the decoration of various lights, a fairy tale world with colorful lights is presented. The pleasant environment pushes the joyous atmosphere to a climax. The symbol of Sydney Luna Park is the big smiley gate, 9 meters wide, which means to welcome visitors from all directions with a smile.


Manly Beach

Because it is about a 40-minute drive from the center of Sydney, there are relatively fewer tourists, and you can see the purest beaches and waters here. Beside the bustling piers and streets (the manly pier can be easily reached by ferry to the Circular Quay in the center of Sydney). Here you can walk on the quaint streets, take pictures of historical churches, bars and other buildings, or you can Go to the boutique shops on the street and taste the local special snacks or ice cream. You can also sit on the lawn on the shore and enjoy the warm sunshine and beautiful environment.

Other options


Talonga Zoo

Located on the edge of the beautiful Sydney Harbour, it is the largest wildlife park in Sydney. You can get close to local unique animals such as kangaroos, koalas, and platypus in the Australian campus. Various animal performances are arranged in different parks, such as seal performances in the Aquarium, and bird performances in the Africa Pavilion. Not only can you feast your eyes, you can also learn about animals and environmental protection. After walking down from the top of the mountain to the shore of the mountain, you can take the cable car and enjoy the scenery of the park and the bay on the way.


[ Manly Ferry ] You can take a ferry from Manly Bay to the circular quay in the city center. You can see various bay scenery along the way, sailing boats, yachts, seagulls passing by, enjoying the sun or sunset. From a new perspective, you can get close contact with the landmark buildings in Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the harbor and take an unforgettable moment.

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