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Our Policy

​【Important Information】Our Circulation currency is Australian Dollars and so is the quotation,and our oral and written time is based on Australian Eastern Standard Time(It will be adjusted on summer time)

​【Tickets Information】When you want to book tickets,Please inform us the numbers of adults and children in the group,and all children under 12 years must be companied by the adult in the journey.

​【Payment and Deposit】To secure your booking,we advise you to pay 30% deposit. For third party booking as attraction tickets and activities, full price payment is required. The 70% balance must be paid in prior of the journey,and we reserve the right to cancel your journey if we don not receive the full payment.

​【Payment Methods】Bank transaction,Wechat payment,Alipay is available and we can issue invoice for your payment

​【Quotation】Before booking your trip, we will customize your journey and give you a quotation including attraction tickets and activities from third parties.

For the private tour, the cost is including vehicle, hotel, flight tickets, service fee and other surcharge.

For the group tour, the cost is vary with different itineraries. And we will give you notice ASAP when your booking is confirmed. 

For the Sydney Airport transfer service, the cost is calculated based on transfer distance, group number and peak/off-peak time.

Our quotation will be influenced by the cost in fuel, third-party service fee and peak season and other facts.

We reserve the right to change the price for our products in our official website and other media platform.

​When you get our quotation and made a deposit, your booking will be confirmed. And there will be extra charge for any continue change on the agreeable booking.

​【Wrong information / remedemation】You are responsible to check the inovice with price, itinerary. And please feel free to contact us if there is any wrong information. There is your responsibility to check the price, itinerary and please contact us immediately if there is any misleading information. And we will refund the extra amount paid to us if the price on the invoice higher then our initial quotation. Otherwise we shall remedy the invoice and require you to complete the rest fund.

​【Our service】Our quotation of the service including: drvier and tour guide wage, charge for hiring our vehicle, fuel, Road and Brdge toll, Parking fee, meal allowance for our drivers, attractions admission and activities by third party providers ( We will highlight the admission fee of the attraction or activity in the itinerary) If you want to participate the tour or activities by the third party providers, you have to pay the full price listed on their official website. For your personal traveling insurance and meals which are not included in our quotation.

​【Special Request】If you have booked another service from third parties, we are willing to cooperate and follow their schedule in order to bring you unforgettable experience, but we can't give you 100 percent guarantee.

​【Healthy condition】If you have any medical problem and disability which can affect the jounery, please advise these information to our kindly staff so we can communicate with the driver and guide to help. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel your trip if our staff find out your medical condition is risk yourself and will affect the trip of other passengers.

​【Cancel booking】If you want to cancel booking from us, you need to write email with acceptable reason. And we will process your request within several days and give your reply if your cancellation request has been successfully admit. If you cancel the booking before the date of the trip, we can refund you by the following policy :

Pirvate tour - cancel within 2 weeks, fully charged / 2 weeks before the booking, 50% refund

Group tour  - cancel within 2 weeks, full charged / 2 weeks before the booking, 50% refund 

All bookings about your attraction and activity tickets from third parties should follow their official refund policy​

​【Reschedule booking】If the attraction on the trip is under maintenance or temporally closed by some weather conditions or event, we can help you to change the plan with other optional attractions or make some refund according to our policy.

If you want to make some change of your trip, we can try our best to help you with that. But you need to cover the related cost by canceling the accommodation, ticket, hiring riding and tour guide. And we guarantee to minimize your cost if this happen. When extend your trip involve extra cost, please cooperate with us to deposit money required fund to reschedule your booking with change, rebooking and additional activities and accommodations.

​【Travel Insurance】We are willing and responsible for your safety, so it is appreciated that you follow the tour guide safety instructions and cooperate with us. Therefore, we can not predict the accident and we recommand you buy travel insurance in advance. 

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