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Jevis Bay (Private tour)

Features : Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, professional guides, exclusive private chartered cars

Itinerary time


Before the start of the itinerary, our friendly tour guide will contact you in advance and pick you up at your hotel or homestay. After the trip, we will safely send you back to your hotel or homestay

The full cost includes:

Vehicle usage fee / fuel fee, parking fee and bridge fee involved in the itinerary / service driver and tour guide salary / unlimited mineral water / child seats can be provided free of charge


8-seater commercial vehicle (for 1 to 7 people)          $799 AUD

12-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-11 passengers)    $849 AUD 

14-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-13 passengers)    $899 AUD


Take you to the south coast of NSW, visit characteristic towns, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jervis Bay.

[Kiama ] One of the most shining pearls in the south coast towns of NSW, visit the quaint towns, the blue sea and the wonders of spouting holes here

​【 Berry Township In this small town away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will meet simple residents, indulge in the beautiful scenery, relax in the exquisite shops, and rich food and drinks to make you linger.

[ Jevis Bay ] has the whitest beach in the world, turquoise waters, explore the beautiful national park here, meet and learn about all kinds of marine animals and wild animals

[Optional itinerary]

Jevis Bay Dolphin Watch

Optional items: $30 AUD/adult | 25 AUD/child


kiama lighthouse.jpg


Kiama is a well-known town south of Sydney. Many ancient buildings in the town, such as churches, post offices and town council halls, tell us about their long history. On the way to the small town, many pastures are built by the sea. Those cattle, sheep, horses are leisurely eating grass, or lying on the soft lawn soaking in the sun, or happily on the endless grassland. Running makes people a little envious of their carefree and comfortable life. There are also the vineyards that rise and fall on the hillside, working in this idyllic scenery like poetry and painting, how can those winemakers fail to produce high-quality wines. In the calm haven, various sailing boats and fishing boats reflect the rich lifestyle of the residents of the town and the abundant seafood resources here. Some surfers and diving enthusiasts on the beach are happy to enjoy the excitement and surprises brought by these sea sports. The beautiful environment, artistic atmosphere, rich resources of farming, animal husbandry and seafood, and good climate provide local residents with a high-quality living environment, and everything will show the scene of the paradise here in front of us passers-by.

The seaside of the small town is covered with black volcanic rocks, which were formed after a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Blowhole is the world’s largest natural wonder formed by volcanic rock. Volcanic lava condenses and solidifies into a vase-like cavity when it encounters seawater. Under the impact of two waves, huge energy pushes the seawater from the mouth of the bottle. After rushing out, a water column of more than 30 meters high can be formed. As the water mist disperses in the air, it can form a beautiful rainbow under the refraction of sunlight. It turns out that such a terrible volcanic lava can also create a beautiful and warm picture, and the sense of humor of nature makes people feel more cordial.

berry shop.jpg

Berry Township

Berry is located at the end of the beautiful Blue Ocean Road (Grand Pacific Drive). Although the town is small, it has all the elements of city life, exquisite art, handicrafts and design shops, famous restaurants, coffee shops and gourmet shops. Here you can feel the leisure life atmosphere of the town, allowing you to discover a soothing breath from your busy life.

The planning of the town is similar to that of the streets in the heart of Melbourne. The streets of the whole town are unconventional and neat, like a horizontal and vertical chessboard, named after the roles of the royal family. A walk on the main street will quickly lead you to Queen Street, which carries the daily needs of the people in the town, and there will be regular Berry Produce Markets every month with various stalls. Sell handicrafts and specialty goods, and organic fruits. People nearby will also be attracted to come. At this time, the town will present a bustling but not impetuous scene, which is different from the lively and happy atmosphere of the metropolis.


Jevis Bay

Jervis Bay is a very large area, including many nearby national primeval forest parks, wildlife and marine animal sanctuaries, and many beaches along the coast, and here is the whitest beach in the world.

There are many activities to experience here. For example, during the mud crab breeding season, many people will come to the mangrove area to catch crabs. Or in the warm season, go to the surrounding wetland area to watch fireflies, or go to the beach or go fishing, or go out to the sea to see wild dolphins and whales. In short, this place is like opening a Pandora's box. No matter when you come here, it is always full of unknown pleasures. You will always find surprises here.

The sea here is very clear and clean, and the sand is very soft. When we come here, we can relax ourselves, take a walk on the beach, or lie on the shore to enjoy the warm sunshine and the surrounding charming scenery. Or observe various marine life, you can experience a different kind of travel pleasure.

The small town of Husskinson is a popular holiday destination. Here you can enjoy the food provided by different specialty restaurants, browse the boutiques, or go to the pier to take a cruise to the sea, enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, and the cute and smart Wild dolphins gallop together in the sea.

Other options


Jevis Bay Dolphin Watching/Whale Watching

​There are more than 70 wild dolphins living in Jervis Bay. We took a boat in the inner bay to look for these lovely sea elves, and at the same time we could also enjoy the bay scenery along the way. They will appear in groups, or chase and play with our ships, or jump out of the sea to show us their smart dance.

​Every May-October, when this whale returns to this sea area to breastfeed, we can go out to see humpback whales, the largest creatures on the planet. But their temperament is relatively docile, so that we can see its most real life situation and understand the mysterious side of this deep-sea animal

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