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Sydney City (Private tour)

Features : Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, professional guides, exclusive private chartered cars

Itinerary time


Before the start of the itinerary, our friendly tour guide will contact you in advance and pick you up at your hotel or homestay. After the trip, we will safely send you back to your hotel or homestay

The full cost includes:

Vehicle usage fee / fuel fee, parking fee and bridge fee involved in the itinerary / service driver and tour guide salary / unlimited mineral water / child seats can be provided free of charge


8-seater commercial vehicle (for 1 to 7 people)      $649 AUD

12-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-11 passengers) $699 AUD

14-seater commercial vehicle (for 1-13 passengers) $749 AUD


We will take you around the city of Sydney, visit the most classic attractions, experience local specialties, and let you leave the best memories here

【Royal Botanic Gardens 】- Visit the human landscape Mrs. Macaulay’s chair and stroll along the shore of Sydney Harbour, overlooking the three major landmarks of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Sydney Tower.

​[Sydney Opera House] -Come to Sydney Circular Quay, get close to the world cultural heritage and architectural miracle "Sydney Opera House", and learn about the short stories behind it.

[ St. Mary’s Cathedral ]-A century-old church, with exquisite carvings and frescoes inside and out, making you admire the exquisite skills of the craftsmen.

[ State Museum of Art ]-Here you can enjoy exquisite oil paintings, sculptures and other precious works of art

Seafood Market 】- Enjoy lunch here and taste fresh Australian seafood, which will make you feast for yourself.

[ University of Sydney ]-A famous university with a century of history, allowing you to experience the profound cultural and academic heritage here

[The Rocks ]-Sydney’s earliest colonial settlement. The surrounding ancient buildings have witnessed the city’s emergence from scratch and slowly becoming prosperous. You can also visit the market here on weekends. Find local exquisite small commodities and handicrafts.

[ Darling Harbour ]-Walking here, you can feel the enthusiasm of this country from the smiles of passersby to you, and you can feel the leisure life of the locals when you see the chat in the bar.

[ Harbour Bridge ]-You can walk on the bridge and overlook the entire Sydney Harbour from the best angle

[Optional itinerary]

1. Sydney Harbour Cruise (Dinner Cruise, you can visit the night view of Sydney Harbour during local winter time)

Optional items: $60 AUD/person

2. Darling Harbour Wildlife Park, Aquarium, Madame Tussauds

Optional item: $44 AUD per venue/adult $35 AUD/child

3. Sightseeing at Sydney Tower Observatory

Optional: AUD $ 35 / adult $ 27 AUD / child



Royal Botanic Gardens

In the 200-year-old Royal Botanic Garden, there are nearly 14,000 species of precious trees and flowers. Although located in the bustling downtown area, you can still experience the tranquility and harmony between people and nature. From the observation deck here, you can view the three major landmarks of Sydney from the best perspective, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Tower, and take a group photo to leave the most precious memories. You can also visit Mrs. Macaulay’s chair and learn about the precious love of the Macaulay couple from the story. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore of the beautiful Sydney Harbour and breathe the fresh morning air.

皇家植物园 岸边 3.jpg
皇家植物园 cbd 2.jpg
悉尼歌剧院 近景 2.jpg

Sydney Opera House

At Sydney Circular Quay, take a closer look at the Sydney Opera House to witness an architectural miracle in the history of human civilization. Its designer won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the highest honor in architecture. The city took it as a symbol of the city on the stage of an international city. This country has attracted thousands of tourists and artists to visit it.

​We can learn from its short story that a small artistic inspiration can create a human cultural miracle, and the builders' persistence regardless of cost will eventually make this gold show its endless value.

圣玛丽大教堂 外景 3-Edit.jpg

St. Mary's Cathedral

The century-old church can not only appreciate the magnificent appearance from the perspective of architectural aesthetics, but also have the opportunity to visit the exquisite sculptures and murals inside, and have a deep understanding and understanding of spiritual beliefs and support from the soul

新南 州立艺术馆 2.jpg

New South Wales State Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of New South Wales was built in 1874. It is divided into several exhibition areas. The first floor of the art gallery displays the traditional and modern art of the original aboriginals; the second floor first catches the eye the works of European painters in the 20th century. ; The third floor mainly displays artworks from Asia; most visitors spend their main time on the fourth floor, where the works of ancient European masters and outstanding paintings by Australian artists are displayed.


Sydney Seafood Market

How can you not taste the famous local seafood when you come to Australia. The vast sea area and zero-pollution marine environment create the best food gifts for the locals by nature. Here you can eat the most high-quality and cheap seafood products, and there are practices suitable for all kinds of food, such as oysters, abalone, lobster, deep-sea crabs, sea urchins, sea fish...everything. Whether it's raw sashimi or a variety of cooked food processing methods, it is up to you to decide according to your preference.

ps to find the best dining location scenery, while enjoying the harbor scenery, while enjoying food, but be careful around stealing gulls Oh


University of Sydney

Australia’s oldest university, where we can feel the beautiful campus environment, visit the quaint and exquisite teaching buildings, from here we can feel its century-old historical accumulation and profound academic and cultural heritage. Sitting on the lawn and looking at the beautiful campus environment around you may inspire your new enthusiasm for learning and creative inspiration.


【The Rocks

The Rocks is the oldest neighborhood in Sydney, Australia, and the birthplace of Australian colonial history. Its name originates from when the colony was first formed in 1788, and most of the earliest buildings were built of local sandstone. This is also the earliest developed area in Sydney. In this prosperous harbor, there are collections of ancient colonial buildings. On weekends, the streets of the Rocks will be temporarily closed for pedestrians and the Rocks market. There will be more than 150 stalls selling specialty goods, including art and handicraft products, household goods, jewelry, toys, collectibles and various foods.

悉尼北区 kirribilli lookout 5.jpg

Sydney Harbour Bridge

A representative building of Sydney in the period. The bridge was designed from 1857 to completed in 1932. It is an important bridge connecting the north and south sides of the port. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a representative building of early Sydney. It is like a long rainbow across the bay, majestic and majestic. It faces the world-famous Sydney Opera House across the sea and has become one of the symbols of Sydney. You can take a walk on the bridge pavement 150 meters above the water with your guide, stop here and you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour from the best angle.

情人港 1.jpg

Darling Harbour

The port is day and night, and the scenery is different. You can sit on the side of the pier and blow the sea breeze and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the port. Darling Harbour is composed of port terminals, green space and flowing water, and various building groups. King Street Pier is one of the most popular locations, full of fashionable dining options. There are also famous attractions such as Sydney Aquarium , Sydney Wildlife Park , and Madame Tussauds Sydney. You can also choose to eat in the outdoor area on the shore, go shopping in the port mall, or listen to the performances of outdoor performers, or interact with the pigeons. Of course, you can also take a sightseeing cruise from Darling Harbour to enjoy the scenery of the harbour.

Other options


Dinner Sightseeing Cruise

You can enjoy a delicious Western dinner on the cruise ship departing from Darling Harbour. The cruise will pass by the famous "Coat Hanger" Harbour Bridge, the magnificent Sydney Opera House and Darling Point, a beautiful local wealthy area. Especially in winter time, as dusk and night fall, you can see the water surface of the Sydney Opera House and the harbour showing brilliant gold against the setting sun, and then enjoy the bustling harbor scenery in the night.


[ Wild Zoo ] The world’s largest indoor zoo, where you can interact closely with local Australian animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and other reptiles.

[ Sydney Aquarium ] has 14 new themed areas, including Ray Bay, exploring stone ponds, mangrove swamps, shipwreck remains, Shark Valley and penguin boats including platypus, penguins, turtles, clownfish, manatees, sharks and rays, etc. A total of more than 13,000 aquatic animals of more than 700 species.

[ Madame Tussauds Wax Museum ] gathers wax figures of local and world sports, entertainment stars, politicians and historical legends, and you can interact with them with the help of surrounding props and scenes, and take pictures of surprise moments with your camera.

[ Sydney Tower ] is located in the center of the entire city, 304.8 meters high. You can look out from the window, and you can see the whole view of Sydney.

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