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Privacy agreement

​[ Attention Information ] The quotations on the website are all Australian dollars, and the written and oral statements are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (daylight saving time is adjusted every year)

​[ Ticketing Information ] When booking travel products, customers must inform us the number of adult and child passengers separately, and all children under 12 years old should participate in our trip with an adult.

​【 Payment and Deposit 】Before making a reservation, please make sure that you have a quota on the day of travel. The prepaid deposit is the full amount of the itinerary or 30% of the amount. Third-party services, such as attractions that provide additional activities, must pay for additional services in addition to the deposit. This fee will be directly paid to the third-party service provider to book the activities and services provided by it. The remaining amount must be paid to our staff at the beginning of the trip. If the full amount is not received, we reserve the right to cancel your trip

​【 Payment method 】We support online bank transfer, WeChat payment, and Alipay payment. We can issue company invoices for your expenses.

​【 Itinerary price 】Before booking the itinerary, we will make a quotation according to your travel requirements, including the service and activity fees provided by third-party providers, and any other additional fees required.

Private customized itinerary, the price is calculated based on the required vehicle, itinerary hotel, air ticket, service staff cost and other additional requirements.

The cost of joining a small group is determined according to the tour route you choose. Whether a small group outing can be formed in a group, our staff will notify you as soon as possible.

Sydney Airport transfer fees are calculated based on the distance of the route you choose, the number of passengers and the pick-up time period.

Travel expenses will be affected by the fuel cost of the passenger car, entrance fees, seasonal and other cost factors and changes.

We reserve the right to change and price travel products on the website and other media

​Once you receive and accept our itinerary quotation, your itinerary will be guaranteed by the price after we receive your reservation deposit. If you continue to adjust the itinerary after paying the deposit, additional service fees will be incurred.

​【 Itinerary error/change 】You are responsible for checking the invoice, price and itinerary. If there is any incorrect information, please notify us as soon as possible. If our quotation and invoice price are higher than the correct price, we will change it in time or refund the overcharged amount to you. Otherwise, we will change or ask you to make up the balance

​[ Services included ] Our quotation includes: tour driver and tour guide fees, vehicle usage fees, fuel costs, road and bridge fees, parking fees, meals, attractions tickets and service fees provided by other service providers (including tickets clearly indicated on the itinerary) cost). If you incur additional costs, you must pay the third-party service to know the official price. The quoted price does not include personal travel insurance, meals or any other expenses.

​【 Special requirements 】If you book additional third-party services, we are willing and try our best to cooperate with them to make your travel easier and richer, but we cannot guarantee that your requirements and wishes will be realized.

​【 Health Condition 】You have any serious illness or disability that will affect your journey. Please inform our staff before you travel. We will do our best to help you before and during the journey, but If our drivers and tour guides think that your health is unwell or that it will affect other passengers, we reserve the right to cancel your trip.

​【 Cancellation of itinerary 】If you want to cancel the travel contract we have signed with you, you must notify us in writing, such as email, and your travel date is valid if we notify you in writing. Cancel the contract between us and you before the travel date. The refund agreement shall comply with the following rules

Private charter-Cancellation within 2 weeks, no refund of the deposit / Cancellation after 2 weeks, refund of 50% of the deposit

Minority group participation-Cancellation within 2 weeks, no refund of the deposit / Cancellation after 2 weeks, refund of 50% of the deposit

​The cancellation policy of all services and attractions scheduled from a third-party service provider is subject to the cancellation policy of the third-party service provider

​【 Reservation changes 】If the scenic spots in your itinerary are cancelled due to maintenance or other irresistible factors, we can make appropriate adjustments to the itinerary to ensure that your travel experience is not affected, or compensate you in accordance with the service provider’s policy.

If you want to change the previously decided itinerary, we will do our best to modify and supplement the itinerary according to your requirements. If the change process involves cancellation or abandoning the itinerary, we will try our best to replace you with other items. The loss is minimized. If the supplementary items involve additional costs and other issues, please make up the costs to help us complete the changes to your itinerary.

​【 Travel Insurance 】We are responsible for providing you with safe services and responsible for your safety. So in the itinerary, we must cooperate with the work of our tour guide and follow the safety advice of the tour guide, so that everyone can spend a good trip safely and smoothly, but we can't ignore some unexpected accidents and dangers, so we recommend that you buy in advance Travel insurance makes you more at ease.

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